Head Coach – David Evans
Assistant Coaches – Justin Yamzon, Charles Higby, Brian Swindlehurst
Bantam Chairman –  Dan Price

President – Jake Hauter
Vice President – Rob Zarkos


Within the RSL program is a variety of teams for any caliber of player to develop and play in. 

National (Varsity) Team

Plays games throughout the United States and works for a National Title

Junior Varsity Team

Consists of mainly Freshman-Juniors striving to work to play for the National Team. Practices with the National Team every day

Freshman Team

Developing Freshman

Charter Team

Students in RSLA who may not be at the National Level, but still love to play and train. Play in the Charter League in the USSA

Bantam Team

RSL has a youth program in connection with Athlos Academy where we help develop players 3rd-8th grade